Diary of a wimpy kid the third wheel book report

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel - Book Report Now Let’s Join Greg Heffley in the seventh book 7 (Diary of a wimpy kid The Third Wheel) in Jeff Kinney’s hilarious Journey in the shape of Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series! This time it’s the dance party which turned the things for Greg(wimpy kid). Title Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel Author Jeff Kinney Genre Realistic Fiction Prediction Tilte Clue I think that the title of this book is called "The Third Wheel" becasue Greg might be a friend but is like always no involved with everything

Free essay on Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Report Sample Term. 🙂 😛Published: November 2012When you are living in a house with four other people, and some of them are fools is always gonna come along and ruin all the things for you. A Valentine’s Day dance party at Greg’s school has turned his world completely upside down. Oct 25, 2012 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Report Uploaded by andreawatkins01 on Oct 25, 2012. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a book about a middle-schooler named Greg Heffley, but he seems to have a lot of bad luck. Greg is not as tough as his dad would like for him to be. Greg is actually pretty wimpy, but his dad really wants that to change.

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